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In 1954, Vintage Havana was born. Bringing together a new culture comprised of a variety of designers, merchandisers, artists, and manufacturers from all over the world, the brand came to life.

With a team of poised individuals, each personality brought to the table a new strength. The marriage of music, art, architecture, history, travel, and fashion made way for a feminine spirit intertwining with courageous individuality.

Vintage Havana is a kid's streetwear company focusing on trends of the past, present and future. The line ranges from novelty knit tops and sweaters to graphic tees, denim and printed dresses — and all offer a versatile assortment of fabrics and patterns. Our style translates as a fashion jet setter setting trends from the east coast to the west coast and beyond. The garments are made of premium quality that turns heads no matter what the place or time. 

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